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Song of Silence

Lying in the lyrics of silence
Are many words left unsaid.
Many truths left hidden.

Yet the strongest words
The loudest answers;
Lie here in simple silence.

The deepest yearnings,
The heaviest hopes,
This fortress of broken hearts
Hides many emotions.

If only you would listen
To the whispers that no one heard,
Where so many stories lie buried.

Yearning to be sung aloud.

By Khushbo

Copright Lifealight @2017.

Did you say hello?

Simple beginnings
Sound the beats
Of strong connections
Deep felt emotions
Between loved ones
Between strangers

Painting a world
That would have been
Impossible to imagine
Just yesterday.
All begun with a
Simple hello.

Yet these quiet
Almost unnoticeable
Interactions build waves
As high as towers
Drop by drop
Seeping through the
Deep into our hearts.

@Copyright 2015

I Changed the World


It seems unreal to save a life
Is it a simple venture or a lie?

Handing out a used coat, an extra coffee;
I have saved a moment not a fate.

That night is still to be conquered
by those that suffer without a home.

Life is love they say, life is cheer,
Now put on a smile and think positive.

Tomorrow’s another day, we must start over,
Let the sorrow’s of yesterday fall away.

But what of those sitting still in the cold rain?
How may I ask shall they make merry?

Charity is received everyday, it falls away
into a endless pit of “feel good” giving.

The coffee I gave; picked by a child
miles away and unable to afford school

The coat made by a mother still unable to
feed her family after long hours of toil.

Rest assured I have done well,
Sleep well I shall,

In absolute oblivion to the harm I cause
even in the good I think I do.

Can there be any real good?
Should I sleep better with the thought:

I cannot change it all,
I must not dwell in what I cannot change.

I will sleep well tonight.
Because today I changed the world;

I wrote a poem.

©, 2014.

Cicada Princess

Cicada Princess from Jesse Solomon Clark on Vimeo.

I found this story very well written and beautifully presented. What is it that creates the value of life? The time we spend living it or what we spend our time doing. Does it really matter how short life is, if we’ve given it the value it deserves? The excitement and cheer of small joys. Could we possibly achieve total and complete contentment?

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