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Yours Sincerely

I trust you, sincerely, truly.
I know you, my heart knows you.
No distance in time and space
will change who you are to me.
To trust someone so openly
No reservations, no second thoughts.
A trust that sets alight a sense
of freedom unparalleled, you take flight.
It’s not words, no senseless displays.
Its just simply trust, so absolutely
It seems a miracle, a deep seated truth
I would have overlooked but it has a
Hold of my heart.
And so I find I am in love.

Yours sincerely,

This Moment I live

In my chase of moments
Yet to come,
I drown fixing problems
I have yet to face.

This is my moment,
My only moment
To live;
I have lost:


Lifealight Copyright @2016

Ask My Story

Every passing person carries
A story woven intricately with
Emotions, moments never forgotten.
All connected together like a web.

The thoughts that run through
Every mind that walks past me.
I wonder at the people they miss,
The life they have lived.

Things they would stop to tell,
Faces animated with the true story
Behind the narrative of what happened.
If only I had the courage to ask.

By Khushbo

Copyright @2016 Lifealight


The Illusion of Yesterday

In this Illusion
Of a day gone by
I hide a chest full
Of pearls and ashes.

Pearls of wisdom,
Earned with toil;
Ashes of fears
Gathered with every tear.

Everyday I add to my treasure
Often adding to my ashes
Elating fears I forgot to

Faced with a decision,
I pry open this box full of the past.
Rummage through for answers
Only to wonder…

What if my ashes are my pearls
My pearls my ashes
And all that I fear
Is all that I should wish

This gift of yesterday
Is not but a distraction
From the new scents
Of another day.

I imagined every single day
Before today.

@ Copyright 2015

My Dearest Life

Life is dear
In its sincerity
Cruel and painful,
Joyous and merry

The pain that sets in
Shines my joys ever
Brighter, making them
Seem like an incomparable

Vexed I may be at the sight
Of fate’s sharp twists and turns,
Surprised am I at my laughter
Despite the ever changing

Yet here I stand
Again ready and willing
To fight another day
Per chance I may find
A smile..

For this single muscle flex
I risk it all, I risk my day
Try again per chance
That day may come
Where I can feel

My heart beat again…

– Khushbo
Copyright 2014

Everyday, I Change.

When I arrive on this day
I find nothing as I had hoped
Everything different, yet better.

Hopes I had, drawn asunder,
New paths at every curb,
Realities that change me.

I can hardly remember
Where I was before this
Oh how I have changed!

With every new dawn,
Every new path, I found
Something new inside of me.

An awakened old soul
Hiding within, like a guide
unbeknownst to me.

Challenges, and change
Bring out the best and
burn away the worst

Seems I was born in a cocoon
which I shed every minute,
revealing wings I knew not I had.

Yesterday was a dream,
Today my transformation
And tomorrow is my flight.

Ready the runway
For tomorrow new paths
I will discover,

Flying high!

– Khushbo
©, 2014.



This Secret of Yours

Secrets belong to your heart alone,
No better safe, this ribbed cage.
Your lips, your eyes, your penned words;
all it’s Betrayers.

Just as you spoke it to another, careful,
The wind caught your whisper
The trees caught your breath
The world changed because you spoke it.

Its no secret; this secret of yours.

– Khushbo
©, 2014.

Could be

A world of possibilities lies before me
Counting hours, minutes, seconds
Life churns on one step at a time.

Everything is imagined and created
for a tomorrow unknown to me
A place that: will be.

I lie awake wondering at the life
that seems so long ago, almost a dream
and everything it taught me

Narrowing pathways lie ahead
waiting for me to decide my fate
Every step a turn, a mistake, a victory.

I do wonder at all that lies ahead.
All that will be.
That could be.


It Felt Love

Photo by: Khushbo
Photo by: Khushbo

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain



– Hafez

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