There are two sides to every story, or so it is said. Maybe there are just as many stories as there are people to interpret it. Truth is everyone interprets a story based on their personal experiences and individual moral indignation. Nothing is fixed or fully interpretative.  There are so many layers to the human psyche and perhaps just as many layers to every human behavior and interaction. There is no right or wrong, or is there? What is it that compels us to look for the sanity in this world? With so many people, so many observances, what makes us think we can control what we call “reality”?

What could be more near absolute madness than looking for the sanity in a mad mad world! Everything around is a lot of chaos that we tend to file in components and sections within our minds trying to make sense of it. Sections for everything, family, work, bills, duties, the law and love. Somehow we keep it all together, watching, observing and copying those before us and those around us. It’s a copy paste scheme, this sanity business. As long as we seem just the same we can get away with our inner madness. Templated forms of existence are the sanity that we aspire to.

What is it that we truly hide behind the closed doors of our minds, behind the veils of conformity? Why is it that so often the raving reality in our minds is nothing more than insanity to the world? The oft-repeated rituals within our communication, our lives, our celebrations and our mourning seen as sane. Would it be utter madness if my inner interpretation of mourning was completely different from that of the rest of the world?

Sanity is nothing more than a group of people unanimously agreeing to something to be correct and sane. It will be their sanity, if someone within said group deviates, they are insane. Another group not in sync with their interpretation would likely not think their interpretation as madness of course and vice a versa. It is nothing more than organized madness, mob theory. So why is it that we need conformity, to keep the sanity, create distances or to just because we are afraid of the depths and craziness of our own minds? Lest we actually be “seen”. We wear veils everyday of our lives, to hide the true beings within us.

We hide our inner beings because we know no one will accept this inner being, not because the world and its stark sanity cannot endure it but because we are surrounded by a swarm of crazies who work hard to keep it sane, which is in actuality the biggest insanity in the world. Pretending to be sane, in a chaotic world, what could be more insane?

So keep hiding my fellow crazies, the world is too insane to understand our madness!