When I arrive on this day
I find nothing as I had hoped
Everything different, yet better.

Hopes I had, drawn asunder,
New paths at every curb,
Realities that change me.

I can hardly remember
Where I was before this
Oh how I have changed!

With every new dawn,
Every new path, I found
Something new inside of me.

An awakened old soul
Hiding within, like a guide
unbeknownst to me.

Challenges, and change
Bring out the best and
burn away the worst

Seems I was born in a cocoon
which I shed every minute,
revealing wings I knew not I had.

Yesterday was a dream,
Today my transformation
And tomorrow is my flight.

Ready the runway
For tomorrow new paths
I will discover,

Flying high!

– Khushbo
©lifealight.com, 2014.