A dream I lose a day.
A dream I dream a new

Pieces of every dream
I ever dreamt lay scattered
Around me.

Pieces I would join if I could,
However futile the effort may seem,
I would try to put them together again.

My broken heart lies with them
Shattered to bits hard to find.
I wonder if I can ever feel again.

Yet I find the word love spoken
to me again and again.
Even when it seems to have lost meaning

The talk of futures repeated,
Planned effortlessly, endlessly.
All as I stand here with these shards beneath my feet.

A new dawn shall begin yet again
And I shall awake with a new dream
Glistening in my eyes.

Yet I will never lose memories of
The dreams I had dreamed yesterday
Broken but never forgotten.

– Khushbo

©lifealight.com, 2014.