It seems unreal to save a life
Is it a simple venture or a lie?

Handing out a used coat, an extra coffee;
I have saved a moment not a fate.

That night is still to be conquered
by those that suffer without a home.

Life is love they say, life is cheer,
Now put on a smile and think positive.

Tomorrow’s another day, we must start over,
Let the sorrow’s of yesterday fall away.

But what of those sitting still in the cold rain?
How may I ask shall they make merry?

Charity is received everyday, it falls away
into a endless pit of “feel good” giving.

The coffee I gave; picked by a child
miles away and unable to afford school

The coat made by a mother still unable to
feed her family after long hours of toil.

Rest assured I have done well,
Sleep well I shall,

In absolute oblivion to the harm I cause
even in the good I think I do.

Can there be any real good?
Should I sleep better with the thought:

I cannot change it all,
I must not dwell in what I cannot change.

I will sleep well tonight.
Because today I changed the world;

I wrote a poem.

©lifealight.com, 2014.