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May 2013

It’s Magic

Heaven's Trail

Awakening to the rising Sun
Dancing to life under the shining Sun
Slumbering under the watchful Moon
Dreaming of life in the gleaming Moonlight.

The sky glistens with Stars,
Bright encrusted jewels in
The velvet of the night.
Dare you look away?

This constellation;
Orchestrated to perfection,
Phenomenal and enormous,
Magic created for you and me.

Trivial are matters,
Insignificant are we.
Look to the sky:
There is Love, There is Magic.

Stardust are lives lost
Comets our hopes defied
Yet every star: a hope
Alight in the darkness.

This life: Its Magic.



bird cage

Picture by: Aaron G

The small man
Builds cages for everyone
He knows.

While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long
For the



hidden blue

She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.

Shel Silverstein 

Forgotten Star

fallen star

A star falls out of orbit, it seems
broken, crushed and saddened.
The word carries far and wide.

The world stops to watch as it
shoots across the dark sky
They watch, happy at the sight.

Every word, every whisper
works to bring it down faster
yet the talk, the laughter continues.

When once the tiny star
has crashed into the wide open field
The light disappears, it is seen no more.

The fire that once kept
My dear star alight
Now is no more.

Forgotten and powerless
in the quiet of the field
There seems to be no one looking.

Lonely unlit star soon sees,
No one caught her, no one came.
All eagerly watched her crash.

They all made a wish.
Would they have wished
For the never ending light of
My sweet forgotten star.


Chastise Me


In the sweet silence
I heard a sparrow spake
Of rumours and ramblings
carried in the chilly wind.

It seemed I hardly took a step
And the wind had carried
bleak words and outrageous lies
to worlds unknown even to me.

Confounded and confused,
I was ushered to the courts
The vulture truly fit in costume; the judge.
The jury stand full of rattle snakes.

Alas, I have right to witnesses!
They march following in line
the ants, adhere to their queen.
One too many, yet all testimonies the same.

The prosecution is a scorpion,
Poisonous and hateful is he!
Sting upon sting I seem to lose breath
Revived only to be stung again.

Tis’ a fix you see.
The Queen ant is in cahoots with them all.
There is still but one: my counsel, the fox.
Cunning and swift is he!

But what case do I have in a zoo’ full of
Aspiring liars, thieves and cheats?
But wait! For I am yet to learn of the acquisition!
It appears I am accused to being unchaste!

Pray tell, what is my mistake?
Refusing to lay with the pigs!
For refusal to lay is not chastity
as much as it is to lay with a pig.

One chosen by friend, aunt and cousin.
Instated by religion, state and country.
Matched by unwritten books of requirements
Re-instated by society, mommies and daddies.

Yes I was chaste up until yesterday.
When once I laid with the pig.
Unchaste did I become the day I said nay to
The pig in a sty full of injustice.

Tis true, Tis true!
I am indeed unchaste!
begone dear chastity
with the pig and pewh.


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